Hotels & Commercial buildings

Reasons to install DEVI electrical heating solutions for large public buildings

During its history, DEVI has been chosen as the preferred supplier of electric heating for large public buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and airports all over the world.

We've been used as a efficient methods for providing optimal heating. For instance you don’t need to heat a whole volume of air in a 15m high lobby to assure optimal thermal comfort for visitors (at 2m height from floor level). Floor heating, ice & snow melting, pipe tracing and other applications are at the core of the electrical heating solutions offered by DEVI.

1. Experience with large construction

DEVI has co-operated with well-known shopping malls, hotels, offices, and other public buildings. With representatives in over 66 countries, you can find public properties equipped with DEVI reliable solutions all over the world. Local DEVI sales companies provide large construction projects with professional support and technical help to make our co-operation easy and efficient. 

2. DEVI provides safety

Our solutions are chosen mainly to provide safety for driveways, walkways, roofs, and gutters as well as pipe tracing. DEVI’s ice and snow melting system is designed to provide safety for  through safe walking and driving paths, with less damage to buildings during winter.  

Each centralised water system for public buildings (such as hospitals, hotels or multifamily blocks) should be protected against Legionella, not only via efficient filtration and disinfection but also by keeping water temperature within the control limits in the legionellosis risk. DEVI heating systems for domestic hot water meet demands of all required certificates for such pipe tracing.

3. Economical advantages

The DEVIreg™ thermostats are fitted with advanced moisture sensors (for outdoor systems) or opened window detectors (for indoor heating) to ensure that optimal results are achieved with the least possible amount of energy.

It’s worth emphasising that the costs of installing and running DEVI’s outdoor systems are low when the preventive advantages of the system are taken into consideration.  You will easily avoid yearly investments in snow shovelling and salting and furthermore, you avoid the repair costs caused by ice, snow, and salt damage.

DEVI has been chosen as the electric heating partner for buildings as hotels, shopping moles or rest homes, all over the world, mostly for budget reasons.

4. DEVI provides comfort

Floor heating is the most comfortable experience for guests of your hotel rooms or apartments. It distributes the heat evenly over the whole floor and provides appropriately pleasant warmth for your feet, body, and head. Underfloor heating makes it possible to lower the average room temperature by 2ºC without affecting the degree of comfort. This means that the temperature can be reduced by around 20% - making it both an economic and an environmental advantage

5. Up to 20-year full warranty for DEVI cables and mats

All DEVI products are manufactured in the EU under the highest quality control. That’s why you can rely on DEVI.  Due to the quality provided, we offer the best 20-year full warranty for DEVI heating elements, which includes costs of installation and floor materials, such as damage to brickwork and tiles.