Low energy buildings

Modern low-energy houses need very little heating, if any, but the temperature regulation has to be intelligent, flexible and energy efficient in achieving temporal temperature precision. The modern way of living of being always on the move requires full control of a new heating system. Our DEVISmart App allows users to control their heating from anywhere in the world with the DEVIreg™ Smart Thermostat. DEVI offers all this and more. Thermal comfort and optimal energy use is always assured with DEVI electrical floor heating systems.

Invisible floor heating systems allow you to design your space as you wish, without planning special place for radiators and pipes. 

DEVI thermostats with mobile applications, allow you to control the temperature of your home from a distance. No matter how far away you are, when you have internet connection, you can simply switch the heating on or off, or set up a required temperature in each room.

Nowadays, electrical floor heating is the solution of choice for modern energy efficient houses.

Heating for every room
DEVI electrical floor heating ensures efficient, comfortable heating without compromising on interior design. You can find a DEVI floor heating solution suitable and optimised for every purpose imaginable, meaning you can easily equip it every room in your home, not only the bathroom or kitchen.
Floor heating for every type of floor covering
DEVI floor heating solutions work efficiently under all kinds of floor coverings imaginable: ceramic tiles, natural stone, tiles (e.g. marble, terrazzo or wood), wooden parquet, laminates or wooden planks, any type of wall to wall carpets, linoleum and any other flooring coverings.
Save more with DEVI thermostats
DEVI thermostats are some of the most cost-effective in the market for underfloor heating, wth the latest smart controllers making it simple to manage your heating.
Facts and myths on electrical heating
DEVI separate the myths from the facts about electrical underfloor heatings and why it may be the ideal option for your home.
Danfoss Link App for new DEVIlink system
The Danfoss Link™ App for smartphones and tablets is a mobile application that enables homeowners to control the heating of their home anytime from anywhere.
Shortcut to energy and money savings
With one of DEVI intelligent controllers, such as a DEVIreg™ Touch, you have the easiest way to save energy and money on electrical heating. The quick button on the side of the front is your shortcut to energy savings.
Avoid unnecessary energy loss and lower your bills
With an intelligent fade-out feature build into the timer, our DEVIreg™ Touch will save your energy at the end of each use.
Electric or water based underfloor heating?
Which is superior, electric or water based underfloor heating?