Multifamily houses - Flats and apartments

Considering residents’ comfort and safety, reduction of environmental impact as well as final operational costs, DEVI is the ideal partner for indoor heating such as electric comfort floor heating, keeping mirrors moisture free and dry towels, but also for pipe tracing, and ice and snow melting solutions for residential buildings.

The building regulations (ASHRAE 188-2015, IEC 62395-2 and CIBSE TM13) demand hot water systems that can provide comfort and efficiency as well as Legionella control measures. This means that each centralised building water system should be protected against Legionella not only via efficient filtration and disinfection but also by maintaining water temperature within the control limits in the legionellosis risk management plan. DEVI heating systems for domestic hot water meet demands of all required certificates for such pipe tracing.

Moreover, not only does DEVI provide solutions for warm floor in bathrooms but also mats for moisture-free mirrors and towel driers which are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.  

Modern technology gives owners and managers of properties many ways to improve the energy efficiency and safety of their buildings. Furthermore, while planning a new build, renovation or refurbishment, not only do we respect local environmental law but we also think about the natural heritage for generations of the future.

Floor heating for flats and apartments

Have you considered the experience of comfortable floor heating? Check out DEVI intelligent solutions.

Electrical floor heating can be applied as an additional heating source, in flats and apartments, in larger buildings. You can easily add a thin DEVImat during a renovation and enjoy a warmed interior when outside temperature goes down before the heating season. 

When radiators in your buildings start working, you can simply switch floor heating off and turn it on again whenever you want to enjoy your warm floor.

Discreet and invisible floor heating gives you more possibilities, to design your interior as you wish, but first of all and improves your, and your family, overall thermal comfort in your home. Moreover, the electrical floor heating has an advantage of more precise regulation and reaction time than hydronic floor heating.

Among the range of DEVI products, you can find solutions tailored to each kind of a floor cover, and intelligent thermostats to keep desired warmth, and control energy consumption.

Application manual: Indoor cable floor heating systems

This design guide presents DEVI’s recommendations for the design and installation of cable floor heating systems with indoor application. It provides guidance for heating cable positioning, electrical data and system configurations.

Heating for every room
DEVI electrical floor heating ensures efficient, comfortable heating without compromising on interior design. You can find a DEVI floor heating solution suitable and optimised for every purpose imaginable, meaning you can easily equip it every room in your home, not only the bathroom or kitchen.
Floor heating for every type of floor covering
DEVI floor heating solutions work efficiently under all kinds of floor coverings imaginable: ceramic tiles, natural stone, tiles (e.g. marble, terrazzo or wood), wooden parquet, laminates or wooden planks, any type of wall to wall carpets, linoleum and any other flooring coverings.
The end of ice-cold feet in the bathroom
End the age of ice-cold feet in the bathroom by installing a DEVI electric heating solution in your bathroom to experience the comfort of warm floors.
DEVI - the reliable partner for large contractors
DEVI is represented in over 33 countries. As the leading manufacturer of electrical heating systems, DEVI has the biggest team of floor heating specialists in the business.
Floor heating operational costs
Electricity prices can vary depending on the area and provider, however we can help provide an idea of the operational costs for DEVI electric underfloor heating.
Save more with DEVI thermostats
DEVI thermostats are some of the most cost-effective in the market for underfloor heating, wth the latest smart controllers making it simple to manage your heating.
Shortcut to energy and money savings
With one of DEVI intelligent controllers, such as a DEVIreg™ Touch, you have the easiest way to save energy and money on electrical heating. The quick button on the side of the front is your shortcut to energy savings.
Electric or water based underfloor heating?
Which is superior, electric or water based underfloor heating?
Safe, quality and reliable electrical heating
DEVI heating solutions are permitted for use in houses, apartments, and other facilities. Safety is ensured by the reliable, high-quality construction methods of the cables and installation in accordance with building standards.
Advantages of electrical floor heating
DEVI electrical floor heating is mounted directly in the tile glue and it only needs 4.5 mm layer under panels. It makes installations easier and faster – you don’t need to waste your time for waiting for few centimeters layer to dry.
Why a heated floor can be cold
Many users try to replace the thermostat, to connect the heating cable or mat directly, and call a service technician only when this has not yielded the desired results. Let us see what the causes for a lack of heating may be.
New DEVIreg™ Smart thermostat
Experience a brand new quality of electric floor heating control. The beautiful design of the square-shaped touchscreen makes the DEVIreg™ Smart fit perfectly into any interior.