Pipe heating

Pipe-tracing solutions

Liquid supply systems, such as aqueduct pipes that deliver water, are most dependent on the temperature and the condition of the specific pipes for the quality of its water supply, which require specific reliable solutions.

Water and sanitary pipes are important parts of each building as any failure can be highly troublesome and costly to amend. Thanks to DEVI pipe tracing solutions, you can easily avoid sudden and unexpected damages caused by frost during the winter.

Frost protection systems are installed when there is a need to prevent water & sanitary pipes from freezing and becoming ice damaged. Temperature maintenance systems ensure that hot water or fluid pipes maintain their required temperatures.

However, as well as serving their main purpose, we see many advantages that come from using pipe tracing, such as:

  • Ice-free pipes
  • Constant flow in pipes
  • Depth reduction for underground pipes
  • No repair costs after a hard winter
  • No hardening of fat containing products in pipe systems
  • Efficient hot water supply

DEVI’s pipe tracing systems consist of DEVI heating cables, DEVIreg™ thermostats, and installation accessories.

The DEVIreg™ thermostats with sensors ensure that optimal results are achieved with the least amount of energy possible.

Recommendations for DEVI pipe-tracing installation

Pipe tracing is recommended for keeping a specified liquid temperature in:

  • Multi-family and public buildings with underground garages
  • Supermarkets
  • Sanitary pipes
  • Freeze-proof water containers
  • Fat sewer
  • Rain sewer
  • City hot/cold water pipes
  • One family houses for external isolation

DEVI’s pipe tracing systems may be used on the inside and outside of pipes, for indoor and outdoor pipe networks as well as for pipes above and below the ground.

Pipe tracing systems should be installed at an early stage of construction. It ensures safety and prevents any hazard of damages caused by ice.

Application manual: Pipe frost protection

This design guide presents DEVI’s recommendations for the design and installation of frost protection for pipes. It provides guidance for heating cable layout, electrical data and system configurations.