Avoid unnecessary heating loss and lower your bills


Unnecessary heat losses always mean a waste of money. DEVI heating controllers can help you avoid unnecessary energy loss and so you can lower your bills.

With an intelligent fade-out feature build into the timer, a DEVIreg Touch controller will save you energy at the end of each comfort period where you have the heating switched on.

Most users have 12 comfort periods programmed per week. With approximately 15 minutes of heating saved per comfort period when using a DEVI controller, this equates to about 3 hours less energy consumption every week. This may seem like a small amount, but it adds up to 6% in energy savings.

Moreover, with the latest Danfoss Link™ App, you control your heating system at distance, which means that you can save even more and operate the system easily and more comfortably.

The latest DEVIlink™ is enabled on the Danfoss Link™ app, meaning that you can control your DEVIlink™ heating system via an App on your smartphone.

This opens a whole new world of floor heating control, where you effortlessly control your DEVI heating system. At home, use the smartphone or the DEVIlink™ CC to control it. When away from home, control the system using your smartphone. This allows you to react fast. For example, if the temperature outside dropped rapidly, you can easily turn the heating on to come back to warm and cozy home. You can enhance the temperature, if you decide to come home earlier or you can turn it off, if you need to staying out longer than expected.

With the Danfoss Link App, the new DEVIlink is also a perfect solution for secondary summer houses.

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