Danfoss Link App for new DEVIlink system


As a part of the Danish largest industry group Danfoss, DEVI provides electrical heating solutions of the future.

In 2008, DEVI designed new standards for the wireless control of floor heating by introducing the DEVIlink thermostat. Today, thanks to close cooperation with Danfoss engineers, DEVI offers a new Link system that can not only control electrical- and water-based floor heating systems but also other heating solutions via Wi-Fi.

Combined with the Danfoss Link™ App, the DEVIlink controller makes it possible to control your DEVI heating system from virtually anywhere with just a swipe on your phone.

It is not only possible to adjust your heating from one central point wirelessly but you also have the unique possibility to control your electrical heating systems from a distance. Once you have DEVI heating system installed, all you need is the new DEVIlink™ in your home and the Danfoss Link™ App on your mobile device.

The new Danfoss Link™ App for smartphones and tablets is a mobile application that enables homeowners to control the heating of their home anytime from anywhere.

The Danfoss Link™ App can communicate with the new DEVIlink™ CC (Central Controller) from anywhere with an internet connection. The new DEVIlink™ CC can then wirelessly regulate DEVIink™ FT (Floor Thermostat) with a sensor to control floor heating and ensure precise and complete control of all elements of a home heating system.

For professional installers, working with the DEVIlinkTM system has never been simpler. As a part of the development process, both the new Danfoss Link™ App and DEVIlink™ CC have been fine-tuned to ensure easy installation and seamless communication in a fully integrated system.

The Danfoss Link™ App enables professional installers to offer the latest technology in home heating to their customers. Along with DEVIlink™ CC (Central Controller), DEVIink™ FT (Floor Thermostat), DEVIlink™ RS (Room Sensor) and DEVIlink™ RU (Repeater Unit), the application ensures precise and complete control of heating system, engineered with the highest quality.  

The Danfoss Link™ App and updated DEVIlink™ CC with incorporated Wi-Fi.

The App can be downloaded for free via the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Learn more about the Danfoss Link™ App here:

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