DEVI - the reliable partner for large contractors


With almost 75 years of experience on the international market, DEVI has provided electrical heating solutions for a lot of large building constructors worldwide. Likewise, we at DEVI are confident that with such experience, it is worth sharing our knowledge to all local installers who want to learn from us.

A leading, experienced brand means a profitable cooperation for its biggest partners.

DEVI electrical heating systems all over the world

With such vast experience and outstanding know-how, DEVI has been chosen as the supplier of electrical heating solutions for famous hotels, palaces, stadiums and airports. You can find DEVI systems in public properties in Copenhagen, London and Beijing as well as other cities from Norway to New Zealand. 

Experience in the professional cooperation

DEVI is represented in over 90 countries. As the leading manufacturer of electrical heating systems, DEVI has the biggest team of floor heating specialists in the business. Moreover, DEVI provides the highest standards of installation support. Installers recommended by DEVI are continuously educated through specialised workshops, trade conferences or certificated training sessions about the installation and maintenance of its systems for local installers.

Additionally, we at DEVI are sharing our know-how with all professionals through a special e-learning platform, where interactive training videos are available in many languages.

Big supplier offers more advantages to large constructors

Since 2003, DEVI has been part of the Danfoss Group, Denmark’s largest industrial corporation. Size matters as it offers you better quality products, security and cooperation. When you buy DEVI, you are guaranteed timely delivery and a technically and qualitatively-optimal solution backed by the best warranty in the market.

DEVI products are supported by DEVIwarrantyfor up to 20 years. DEVI performs professional aftersales support and backs its solutions with its entire staff of highly qualified technicians. By choosing DEVI intelligent solutions you can be sure that you are given the best possible products and service. All DEVI products are manufactured in the EU, under the highest quality control.

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