Electric or water based underfloor heating?


It is always better to take your first steps in the morning on a warm floor. Floor heating has been used for a very long time. Even ancient Romans liked this simple comfort and circulated warm water under their marble floors. Nowadays, electrical floor heating solutions provided by DEVI are not only comfortable but increasingly more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  

Basically, electrical- and water-based underfloor heating can offer the same superior heating comfort. However, three specific subjects make the electrical solution a more favourable option:

  1. Low build-up height means well suited for renovation

Electrical underfloor heating is better suited for renovation purposes. With electrical underfloor heating, you do not have to dig up the existing floor to make room for water pipes at 100-120mm depth.

Simply attach the self-adhesive DEVImat to the existing floor, sweep tile glue over the mats, and mount your new tiles – you have a new floor at a total additional height of 8-10mm, including both the DEVImat and the tiles.

  1. Quick reaction means good heating economy

Electrical underfloor heating is the better solution, unless you want to have the heating turned on permanently. Since electrical floor heating cables or mats are placed just under the floor covering, the floor reacts quickly to warm the room, rather than water-based floor heating, which is covered with a 100 to 120mm concrete slab, causing delays in reaction time for several hours.

Electrical floor heating is therefore very well suited for advanced timer controls, so that you only heat the room when you are actually at home. This is economically sound and good for environment.

  1. Simply less complicated

Electrical underfloor heating is a significantly less complicated affair. DEVI offers reliable underfloor heating solutions, which are easier to plan, cheaper to install, and less expensive to purchase. Additionally, with DEVI, you have a guaranteed warranty for up to 20 years.

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