Gas accounting knot, Odesa, Ukraine

Pipe tracing

In 2006, DEVI electric heating solutions were chosen to support internal temperature conditions to adjust gas accounting conditions to the new norms. According to current demands, it’s necessary to not allow temperature rate to drop below +50° C. In order to maintain such conditions, all of the new knots were insulated and DEVIflex 20T cables with thermostats were installed. Equipment specification was chosen depending on a knot sizes.

Construction was slightly changed – cables were fixed with a glue stripe to the foliage of galvanised iron and it was placed in the knot bottom, cable side down.

Cable and thermostat installation doesn’t interfere with the knot’s functioning and the temperature is kept at the required level.

Project Overview

Capacity: 240 W

Thermostat: DEVIireg™ 131

Cable: DEVIflex™ DSIG-20, 14 m

Dealer: Teplyi Dom Ltd, Odessa, Ukraine

Project Size