Panda, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

DEVI was chosen to protect the biggest cold store built in the Middle East

The biggest Middle Eastern cold store, located in one of Panda's supermarkets in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has been equipped with DEVI protection systemds. Panda is one of the most popular Arabian supermarket chains.

DEVI electrical heating solutions will be used to protect the thresholds and floor of the biggest Middle Eastern cold store. The total size of the project is 8,000 m2 and the total installed power consumption is approximately 160kW.

“The constant temperature in the average cold room is up to -30°C, which may impact a building construction and its surroundings, even though the floor is well insulated,” said Serhan Ozten Ismail, a representative of Danfoss Dubai. “Without additional protection, such low temperatures can cause serious damage as a result of frost erosion. In order to avoid it, the best solution is to install electrical heating cables during the construction of a cold room. We are glad that DEVI was chosen as the reliable partner for the construction of the biggest Middle Eastern cold store. It has been the biggest cold store project for us so far, but we strongly believe that DEVI meets all expectations and demands required by such large construction projects.”

The project was accomplished by YMCO in 2015 and met all the needs of such a large cold store construction.

Project Overview:Project size: 8,000 m2


DEVIbasic™ 192 m – 14 pcs

DEVIbasic™ 229 m – 73 pcs

DEVIsnow™ 63 m – 13 pcs

DEVIsnow ™140 m – 18 pcs

DEVIfast™ – 982 pcs

DEVIreg™ 330 with sensor – 10 – +10°C, 16 A – 30 pcs

Project Size

8 000 m2