Studio in the garden, Vantaa

DEVI helped to design the small house

A small wooden concept house is specially prefabricated and designed to redevelop old villa neighborhoods. The house offers all the benefits of detached house, just in a smaller size. The house has 50m2 floor areas. It is divided between two floors: the first floor has all the necessary functions, such as bathroom, kitchen, storage, and sauna with the second floor being more open space, which is where the living room and bedroom can be located. Most of the structure has been left shown, so that modification can be easily done afterwards.

DEVI electric heating was chosen as the heating solution for the house. Electrical heating is the most reasonable choice for a house of this size. In a small house, the reaction time of the heating system plays a more significant role, when opening the door means the same as opening half the wall in a bigger house.

The heating panels are hidden under the first floor. The second floor is built with small bars that allow warm air to travel from first floor to the second. The system is able to provide nice living conditions, even in the Finnish winter, when temperatures are as low as -20°C.

The cost of heating has been very low due to high level of insulation and system effectiveness.

Project Size

Project size: 50 m2


  • DEVIreg™ Touch Thermostat – 2 pcs
  • DEVIcell™ plates – 34 pcs
  • DEVIfelx™ 10T – 250 m