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How Danfoss uses Internet cookies

Danfoss is aware of its responsibility to society in general and to our individual customers and web site visitors in particular.

We respect the privacy of personal data and the concerns that visitors may have about the use of their data. In those cases where we collect and use personal data (name, address, contact information), we apply the very best practices such as double opt-in etc.

With respect to cookies (cookies are small text files, which enhance the user experience on a web site, by allowing the system to recognise returning visitors etc. (see link)) Danfoss only uses so-called first-party cookies which are cookies created and utilised by Danfoss.

Third-party cookies (cookies that are created, managed and analysed by a separate entity, possibly providing some service to the organisation hosting the web site) are not used by Danfoss.

Danfoss does not share cookie data - or related user behaviour - with any third party.

The cookies currently in use by Danfoss on this website:

Webtrends and Google analytics:

Tracking how a visitor move around and make use of the website
– but not intrusive for the visitors’ privacy

ASP .Net Session Cookie:

Functionality purpose

ASP .Net Profile Cookie:

Functionality purpose (My Product List)

Compass Cookie:

Functionality purpose (Internal use only)

If you want to make use of Danfoss Internet and cannot accept the use of these cookies, we will ask you to deactivate the use of cookies within your browser settings.

How to do this – so-called – opt-out you can use the information on one of these websites:

Other relevant links for your information:
Cookie definition - 1st and 3rd party:
Danfoss CSR:

Accessing and Updating Personal Information for Registered Users

Danfoss needs your help to ensure that the personal information you provide to Danfoss is correct and up-to-date. You should immediately notify Danfoss of any changes to your name, address, company, phone number, or email address to enable us to make changes to your registered user profile.