What is the Elite Programme?

DEVI Elite is a special programme of benefits for installers who want to update their professional skills, knowledge and performance in heating solutions to make their work day easier. Up-to-date competences mean that the installer can provide optimal service for their customers, which in turn means that DEVI Elite installers have the best know-how to deal with electrical heating solutions. Thanks to their constant professional training, they can deliver the best service you can expect. 

Benefits for Installers Mean Benefits for their Clients

DEVI Elite allows installers to earn benefits every time they make use of different DEVI services in order to gain knowledge about modern electric heating solutions. They can update their professional know-how, and then utilise relevant information in their daily work.  DEVI rewards and promotes highly qualified installers.

By choosing a DEVI Elite installer, end-users can be sure that they get the best products with the best full warranty on the market and the best service for electrical heating. It is the greatest value for homeowners as well as public building developers or builders.

Many Topics

Knowledge about products, mobile tools, seminars and conferences as well as e-learning courses are some of the professional areas the installer can access through DEVI Elite. The more active the installer, the more benefits they can receive.

Higher Standards and More Growth

For any installer who wants to improve their skills and performance provided to their customers, DEVI Elite is a great service. In a wider perspective, DEVI Elite is a carefully planned initiative to secure the highest standards and support installers’ growth.