Indoor thermostats and control systems

Among the range of thermostats offered by DEVI, not only do you find stylish designs but also solutions that allow you to control your electrical heating wirelessly from a distance with your mobile device.

The DEVIreg™ electronic thermostats with floor sensor ensure a precise control of your floor heating system. The floor will always be kept nice and warm and, at the same time, be restricted to avoid getting too hot or risking damage to the floor construction. In this way, the temperature is always in accordance with the maximum temperature level stated by the floor manufacturer.

In relation to controlling operating costs, the DEVIreg™ controls offer the best choice. Combining the heating element under the floor and the very precise thermostatic control ensures an exceptionally high level of energy utilisation. Consequently, the DEVIreg™ thermostat can control the room temperature very precisely to the benefit of both your comfort and your wallet.

The DEVI intelligent thermostats provide you with the easiest way to save energy and money on electrical heating. User-friendly navigation in menus makes programming your heating system simple to complete. By using intelligent functionalities of the latest DEVIreg™ range of thermostats you can save up to 30% on your energy bill. The latest versions such as the DEVIlink™ with the Danfoss App or DEVIreg™ Smart with the DEVIsmart™ App allow you to control your electrical floor heating virtually from anywhere you can reach an internet connection.

Thanks to optimal thermal positioning in the floor and precise temperature control with a DEVIreg™ thermostat, the average room temperature can be reduced by 1-2°C when compared with traditional radiator based heating. This reduction is done without affecting your level of comfort.

This means that the energy consumption can be reduced up to 10-20%, which is both economically and environmentally beneficial. As an extra benefit, DEVI floor heating is cheaper to install than other heating systems with similar abilities.

Outdoor thermostats and regulators

DEVI makes the winter seasons safer and easier.

Whether it starts or stops snowing, the controller will follow the rhythm and switch on and off at the same time.

The perfect controller for outdoor grounds, roof and gutters should be equipped with moisture & temperature sensors to recognise when the first snow appears. Once the temperature drops to a specified level (e.g. 0℃) snow sensors inform the thermostat and the heating system turns on.

When sensors notice that the temperature is higher than the default setting (e.g. 4℃ higher) and the heated surface is detected as dry, the system switches off again. You can always switch it on/off manually.

In the wide range of DEVI controls designed for outdoor heating, you will always be able to find one that is tailored precisely for your project.

DEVIreg™ Smart
DEVIreg™ 130/132
DEVIreg™ Touch
DEVIlink™ System
DEVIreg™ 316
DEVIreg™ 330
DEVIreg™ 610