Clean, simple and fast installation

Electrical heating solutions for dry installation make it possible to mount the product in the morning and turn on the heating later that afternoon, when the new floor has also been laid. That way, you don't need to wait weeks for the subfloor to dry.

The systems can be installed on concrete floors or directly on wooden floors without additional preparation. DEVIcell™ systems provide the additional insulation against the subfloor.


DEVIcell™ insulated mounting plates

If you prefer heating cables, you can always use DEVIcell™ mounting plates with insulation, together with DEVIflex™ 10T or DEVIflex™ 6T heating cables for quick and easy installation of electrical floor heating under wooden floors.  When using DEVIcell™, the heating cables are not cast into wet cement. Instead, the cables can be easily pressed into the cable grooves in the DEVIcell™ plates, after which the new wooden floor can be laid floating directly on the plates.

DEVIcell™ consists of a 12mm polystyrene plate and a 0.8mm aluminium plate with cable grooves for every 10cm.